PowerSite of the Week: Xtreme Wireless

Drum roll please … The newest PowerSite of the Week belongs to: Xtreme Wireless in Pacoima, Ca!

As mobile phones, especially smart phones, become more common with every passing day, stores like Xtreme Wireless are well situated for success. In order to set itself apart from an increasingly crowded marketplace of cell phone stores, Xtreme Wireless made the wise decision to start a PowerSite.

Xtreme Wireless

Xtreme Wireless is one of the best cell phone stores around.

And what a PowerSite they started. They masterfully promoted their brand awareness by placing their snazzy logo in the top banner and made it easy for potential customers to contact them by putting their phone number in large text right below.

Xtreme Wireless also does an effective job of alerting potential customers to a pair of great offers they are running. Next to their phone number, they have notices for a free accessory with new activation and a $19.99 Bluetooth with new activation.

Farther down the page, you find the Xtreme Wireless bio and a handy google map app that shows you the location of the store.

There are also sub-sections for their great coupons, a slick video, a photo gallery and feedback. They are even bilingual, so don’t hesitate to tell your Spanish-speaking friends about Xtreme Wireless.

What are you waiting for, visit our PowerSite of the Week, Xtreme Wireless, today!

PowerSite of the Week: Vesuvios Pizza

The well-deserved PowerSite of the Week honor goes to Vesuvios Pizza in St. Petersburg, Fla. this week.

Without even looking at the rest of the site, the delicious-looking pizza at the top of the page is enough to already make your mouth water in anticipation of visiting Vesuvio’s.

There are few techniques more effective in gathering a web user’s attention than presenting them with an amazing photo of your product – especially when it’s pizza.

Even better, the phone number and address is in large type right below the pizza image, so you can immediately address your sudden pizza craving.

pizza deals

Visit Vesuvios Pizza now for a tasty lunch or dinner.

If you are unable to get your pizza at that moment for whatever reason, Vesuvio’s is open seven days a week, so you can always go back later (or get seconds for that matter).

Once you move down the page, Vesuvios’ PowerSite shows it has more to offer. There are some outstanding coupons on the right side with more photos through the middle. After a brief store description, there are several testimonials at the bottom of the page.

It can be very frustrating to visit a restaurant web site that does not have a menu, but Vesuvios’ PowerSite has not only one, but two menus. The first is the normal menu, and there is another option for the healthy menu. They also have a special tab for weekly specials.

As you can tell when you look at the menu, Vesuvios has tons of choices besides pizza. Should you be more of a pasta or salad person, they also have several scrumptious meals for you to select from.

In addition to having great food, Vesuvios Pizza is also intelligent. By deciding to have a PowerSite, the restaurant is reaching a whole new audience . If you own a small business, visit to sign up for your own PowerSite and experience the success of Vesuvios.

Alright, time to go eat some pizza …

PowerSite of the Week: Advanced Stereo & Alarm

The esteemed PowerSite of the Week honor will be bestowed upon a very impressive business this week. Advanced Stereo & Alarm is the deserving recipient.

car stereo

In addition to featuring outstanding coupons on their site, such as the buy one Kicker 12 subwoofer, get a second free, they also guarantee that all of their merchandise is guaranteed to be in stock.

They will beat internet prices and have a broad selection of car stereos, alarms, televisions, navigation systems, Bluetooth kits and more.

Perhaps best of all, Advanced Stereo & Alarm offers same-day installation and up to $2,500 instant credit. You can’t beat that.

Advertising in the print edition of the Penny Saver is a proven method of successfully reaching more customers. Using the trusted name of Penny Saver to create a PowerSite to supplement that print ad will increase your customer base and reach even more.

Advanced Stereo & Alarm was wise enough to realize that and utilizes their PowerSite extremely well.

car alarm

They have their phone number placed right at the top in big, bold numbers to make it easy for customers to call them and also boast a robust coupon section. Their messaging is also very effective and makes clear they are a reputable company.

Make your visit to the Advanced Stereo & Alarm PowerSite today!

PowerSite of the Week: California Remodeling and Flooring

This week we’ve got a very special PowerSite of the Week for you. California Remodeling and Flooring earns the honors and is a great home improvement company located in Huntington Beach.

Developing a web presence for your small business is crucial in these times, and California Remodeling and Flooring was smart enough to use PowerSites and do so effectively.

Kitchen remodel

This is just one example of H&R's great home improvement work.

California Remodeling and Flooring provides outstanding customer service and prices and those attributes are plainly evident on its PowerSite.

California Remodeling and Flooring makes clear that “Customer Satisfaction Comes 1st” and even goes so far as promising to beat any competitor’s price.

As if superb customer service and affordable prices and top-notch work weren’t enough, California Remodeling and Flooring also provides free estimates and consultations.

Print ads are awesome, and the Penny Saver is a fantastic source of advertising. The PowerSite, however, allows you to build on that print ad with the multimedia capabilities of the web. California Remodeling and Flooring hits a home run with its PowerSite in this regard.

Front and center, there are some beautiful photos of the amazing work California Remodeling and Flooring has done, and there is also a video that showcases California Remodeling and Flooring’s outstanding quality.

Simply put, it’s the place to go if you want to remodel your home.

Stop putting off those necessary home improvements, and contact the PowerSite for California Remodeling and Flooring now.