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SEM is all about intent.

SEM, or search engine marketing, is one of the most cost effective and measurable ways to reach new customers who are actively seeking your products and services with intent to buy. 

Running SEM campaigns is a lot of work. Allow us to do the heavy lifting.

Our clients are local business owners who recognize that their time is money…that’s why our products are based on a DIWY (Do It With You) model. We handle all of the heavy lifting and work with you to ensure your receive the highest quality leads and lowest CPA (cost per acquisition) possible. 

All SEM campaigns come with:

  • A dedicated, SEM Specialist who manages every aspect of your campaign from creation, to launch, to ongoing optimization. Our SEM Specialists hold certifications in Google AdWords.

  • Ongoing analysis, consultation, and campaign optimization to ensure your campaigns and offers are well positioned to drive leads in your target market.

  • Your ads will appear on Google, and Google’s partner sites, targeting consumers who are in your market and actively looking for the products and services you offer.

  • Target your campaign based on radius, region, city, zip, DMA, or specific geo-fence around your business location or service area.

  • Landing pages created specifically for your SEM campaign and professionally designed by our Graphic Design Team to ensure the highest conversion rates.

  • From landing page content, to offers, to keywords, to ad copy, to device and geography targeting, every element of your SEM campaign is built from scratch by our certified SEM Specialists.

  • Custom day-parting (ad scheduling) parameters are set on each campaign to maximize lead generation during the times that work best for your business.

  • Call Tracking is complimentary with all SEM campaigns. You will be able to measure call volume and listen to call recordings to ensure the highest lead quality.

  • Campaigns can be targeted to drive leads via form fills and/or coupon downloads in addition, or as an alternative to, a call tracking number.

  • Access to a campaign performance dashboard that allows you to see click traffic, top performance keywords & ad copy,  and lead volume.


“We experienced a 30% increase in phone calls after signing up with the program.”

MelissaTutoring Company, California

“The increased traffic that interactive advertising brings to our website is directly responsible for our increase in sales. Consumers are using our website to see samples of the homes we can build and they like what they see.”

ChristopherCustom Home Builder, Indiana

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