PowerSite of the Week: Nando’s Tiles in San Diego County

Every week here on the PowerSites Blog we will be featuring a business that is currently using our service and show you a few of the advantages to putting yourself on the Web with a PowerSite. Today we want to talk about Powersite of the Week: Nando’s Tile in San Diego County, CA.

Nando’s Tile has been providing clean and courteous service for over 20 years in the San Diego area. They are well known for their beautiful artwork and attention to detail and are dedicated to ensuring that you are completely satisfied. Nando’s Tile takes in to consideration your taste and budget so you do not have to worry about the outcome of the project.

Nando’s specializes in counter tops, shower walls, bathrooms, kitchens, barbecue pits, floors, walkways, patios and more! They can install ceramic, glass and mosaic tile in your bathroom, kitchen or almost anywhere. Call Nando’s today for your Free Estimate!

Nando’s  PowerSite offers a number of great coupons for those with savings on their mind, click here!. Also, check out the gallery to see some of Nando’s work!

We’re very proud to have Nando’s Tiles as a member of the PowerSite family! Every small business needs a presence on the Internet. PowerSites was created for your small business- we will bring you customers and allow you to focus on exceeding their expectations!

Click below to check out the PowerSite for Nando’s Tiles!