Q:What makes PowerSites® different from other companies that build websites?A: PowerSites is the only product on the market today that offers everything your business needs to increase your exposure on the Internet, while tracking your success at an incredibly low package price.

We will create a professionally designed website for your small business, increase your online exposure (SEO) and provide you a dedicated call source tracking number for your business, along with so much more. PowerSites was created for your small business- we will bring you customers and allow you to focus on exceeding their expectations.

Q: How can I sign up for a PowerSite?

A: Please call one of our customer service representatives at (866) 640-3900. They will connect you with your local sales representative and begin the exciting process of creating your customized PowerSite.

Q: How will having a PowerSite generate more customers for my business?

A: Your customers utilize www.PennySaverUSA.com and search engines to find local businesses that have the goods and services they need. Because your PowerSite is Search Engine Optimized more customers will find your business and your customer base will grow as a result.

Q: What are SEO and SEM and how are they different?

A: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the ability to get found on the left side of a search result through search engines such as Google and Yahoo! SEO is free but can be difficult to perfect, especially in highly competitive industries and/or populated cities. Fortunately for your small business, your Power Site is SEO optimized, to maximize the exposure of your business.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing refers to advertising your business through the paid advertising section (a.k.a. Sponsored Links on the right side of a search result) on search engines like Google and Yahoo! You can receive more information about how to set up an SEM campaign at our sister company: http://www.powerclicks.net/index.htm

Q: How are people going to find my PowerSite?

A: Your SEO optimized PowerSite will be searchable through the PennySaverUSA.com website. Fortunately for your small business, your PowerSite is SEO optimized, to maximize the exposure of your business.

Q: How will my PowerSite get created?

A: You will receive a call from one of our “PowerSite Pros”, who are our trained website design professionals. They will gather as much information about your business as possible, and will then build your PowerSite for you. You can give them direction as to how you would like your site to appear and you will ultimately be able to approve your new PowerSite.

Q: How long will it take to create my PowerSite?

A: That will depend on how quickly our PowerSite Pros can gather the pertinent details about your business. Once the information is received we will build your PowerSite in less than 1 week.

Q: How do I know that customers are visiting my PowerSite?

A: Within your administrative dashboard on Powersites.net we provide you with detailed website statistics that show you the number of unique visitors, number of pages viewed, how those visitors found your website and so much more.

Q: How can I view the website statistics for my PowerSite?

A: Log into Powersites.net and select either “Stats” or “Detailed Stats”, near the bottom on the left navigation pane.

Q: How do I know that customers are viewing my advertisements?

A: As an extra benefit to PowerSite customers, your advertisement will display in the Featured Ad section within your appropriate category on www.PennySaverUSA.com

In order to ensure that you can track the success of your advertising campaigns, we provide you a dedicated call tracking number that will forward to your main business line. Please make sure to use that call tracking number on each advertisement. During and after your campaign you can utilize the Call Report on your administrative dashboard within Powersites.net to analyze the number and details of the calls received.

Q: How can I view the details of my calls from the Call Source Tracking Number?

A: Log into Powersites.net and select “Reports/Calls”, near the top on the left navigation pane.

Q: How can I change the information on my PowerSite?

A: Please contact our customer support line at 1-866-640-3900 and we will show you how to make those changes. We will also set you up as a site administrator, so that you can make the changes to your site in the future. Of course our customer service will always be available if you need assistance in the future.

Q: A few of my customers have told me that my PowerSite does not display correctly. What can I tell them?

A: Our website design professionals create our PowerSites to display best in the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. In most cases when customers upgrade their browser version, the problem is solved.