PowerSites® Display & Retargeting leverages the power of interactive display advertising to reach your target audience across all devices using the Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Display Networks to increase brand exposure, acquire new leads, and drive repeat visits back to your website. Our team of PPC Specialists and Graphic Designers work with you to create display and retargeting campaigns optimized to generate qualified leads and foot traffic.

What is Display Advertising?

Display Advertising is interactive advertising that leverages display, or banner, ad units on a website or across a network of websites. These ads are typically purchased using a CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impression) model. At PowerSites®, we use the power of the Google Display Network and the Yahoo! / Bing Ads network to target your ideal customer across millions of websites with display ads. We can target these ads based on geography, keywords (aka contextual targeting), specific websites, categories of websites, demographic, and behavioral profiles of consumers.

What is Retargeting?

Most website visitors don’t convert into leads on the first visit. In fact, just like most consumers window shop in the real world, they also will likely not convert on your website until they have visited multiple times. Retargeting allows you to target consumers who have already visited your website or you can target ads to those who came to your website and did not complete a desired action (make a purchase, fill out a form, left items in shopping cart, etc.). A consumer will essentially be followed by your display ads across the internet as they visit any of the millions of websites included within the Google Display Network and Yahoo! / Bing Ads network. Just how powerful is Retargeting? Display Advertising campaigns typically have click through rates lower than .07%. Retargeting campaigns on the other hand are 10X that at .70%.

We’ll drive display ad traffic wherever you want it.

Our team of Graphic Designers can build landing pages specifically designed to convert those who click on your display ads into qualified leads, or we can simply direct traffic to your website.

We’ll work with you to create the best display & retargeting campaign possible.

Staying true to our DIWY (do it with you) philosophy. PowerSites® has a team of PPC Specialists, Graphic Designers, and Digital Service Representatives at the ready to help you create the best display ad campaign geared to driving the results you want.

Display & Retargeting Campaigns come with:

  • A dedicated, PPC Specialist who manages every aspect of your campaign from creation, to launch, to ongoing optimization. Our PPC Specialists hold certifications in Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Kenshoo PRO.

  • Ongoing analysis, consultation, and campaign optimization to ensure your campaigns and offers are well-positioned to drive traffic and leads in your target market and to your target audience.

  • Your Display ads will appear across the Google, Bing, and Yahoo! display network targeting consumers who match your ideal profile and are in your market. If you choose to run a Retargeting campaign, you can also target those users who have previously visited your website.

  • Target your campaign based on radius, region, city, zip, DMA, specific geo-fence, specific websites, and/or keywords.

  • Landing pages created specifically for your Display & Retargeting campaign and professionally designed by our Graphic Design Team to ensure the highest conversion rates.

  • From landing page content, to offers, to keywords, to display ad creative, to device, geography, and demographic targeting, every element of your Display & Retargeting campaign is built from scratch by our certified PPC Specialists.

  • Custom day-parting (ad scheduling) parameters are set on each campaign to maximize lead generation during the times that work best for your business.

  • Call Tracking is complimentary with all Display & Retargeting campaigns. You will be able to measure call volume and listen to call recordings to ensure the highest lead quality.

  • Campaigns can be targeted to drive leads via form fills and/or coupon downloads in addition, or as an alternative to, a call tracking number.

  • Access to a campaign performance dashboard that allows you to see click traffic, the best performing ads,  and lead volume.


The average Click Through Rate of Display Ads is .10% on your website according to SmartInsights.com. Needless to say, display advertising is more about building brand awareness and less about direct response.


Website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website according to CMO.com


Retargeting campaigns drive 10X more clicks on average than standard Display Advertising campaigns according to Digital Information World.

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