Social Media Monday: How to Use Facebook to Gain Email Subscribers

For this installment of our Social Media Monday series, PowerSites is providing you with some tips on using Facebook to grow your email list.

Facebook is regarded as something brand new and different in marketing, but the truth is that it’s really just one more way to ask for permission, and one of the most effective means we have of doing so. These seven tips will help you to make the most of Facebook as a way to enhance, improve and reach out with your email marketing campaign:

A Permanent Home for Email Content

A lot of people read through an email once and then delete it. By using Facebook as a permanent home for email content, you have a place where people can rediscover the old pieces they liked, and new users can check out examples of what they’ll be getting.

Your email service provider probably has some great Facebook apps that you can put to work for you. Check it out and see if they have anything that makes it easier for people to sign up through your Facebook page, and automatically integrate into your email database. You never know until you take a look at what they have for you to use.

Improve Your “About” Page

Improve and optimize your 150 word “about” description so that readers really know what it is that you’re all about. A lot of people click here first before reading more than one or two of your posts and updates, so this will be a tremendous help in winning over new readers.

Create Updates About Your Newsletter

Make sure to give your readers an update where they can use the comments as a thread to discuss the newest newsletter. When you send out a newsletter, create a post about it on your Facebook page, and pose a question that will engage your followers. It’s a good idea to figure out when most of your followers are online so that you can update them then and make sure that you’re reaching them while they’re actually up and about.

Promote Posts

Promoting posts isn’t always helpful, but at times it can earn you a lot of new readers. Promoting a post costs a little money but reaches out to a wider audience. This means more people, including people that may not already ‘Like’ your page, will be seeing what you’re sharing. Make sure that you’re promoting something special, not just another update, but a story that really resonates, and will catch the attention of someone scrolling through their News Feed.

Make it Better

Finally, make your email marketing content, and your Facebook content, better. Your content may even be good enough, but it can always be better, and every time you make it better, you stand a chance at gaining new followers. Don’t rest on your laurels. Improve your content so that when you share it with a wider audience. It actually matters.

Remember that Facebook is not magic, it’s just one more tool that you can use to grow your subscriber base and social media reach. When used appropriately, the results are endless.

Forget the Phone Book: How to Generate Leads for Small Businesses

How to Generate Leads for Local BusinessesA small business that depends on the Yellow Pages is using best practices to generate leads — for the last century! Today, if you are a bricks and mortar retailer without an Internet presence you might as well not exist.

Knowledgeable marketing people know that “Local Search” results are the most important, and most efficient means of marketing a small business.

Business today is rabidly competitive. Having a major presence on the Internet is not an idea to be “tested”. It is proven to be a necessity to compete on the local level.

Small businesses can achieve a generous amount of effective presence on the Internet leading to solid placement in local searches. Following are some marketing tips so that your small business can more easily generate leads from the Internet. They relate to:

  • Web site
  • Google Place Page
  • Facebook Page

The concept of local search is for your business to show up in the first page of a search when a potential customer is looking for your services or products in a specific geographic location. To show up in the top tier of a local search on the Internet is sort of like calling your company “AA Able Stationary” so that, were it about 30 years ago your business would be one of the first found in the Yellow Pages under stationary.

Web site

Every business competes for high ranking in local search in their specific business indsutry. Companies employing marketing best practices know that for a laser-like marketing campaign, nothing is more efficient than the Internet for finding potential customers at the local level. Savvy marketing people know that print, radio and even TV cannot target customers as efficiently as the Internet. Where finding a business was once relegated to using only classifieds, paging through a phone book or looking through the Sunday paper ads, consumers now also use their mobile devices or home computers to find businesses in their community. The first important thing is to be sure that your website has been optimized for local search.

Have your address on every page. If you are near a landmark–say so: 123 Main Street, opposite the Anytown Post Office; is much better than the business address alone. Include a link to a map and directions.

Contrary to common wisdom, use of keywords frequently does not increase your chances of achieving a high search engine result (SER). In fact, it may harm your site’s ranking. Google, Bing and other search engines use sophisticated search engine algorithms when carrying out a user’s search. Where once key words were king for reaching high SER, that is no longer true. Today these secret algorithms look for a sprinkling of relevant key words, and large doses of descriptive, original content, as well as Meta tags. Key word stuffing is no longer rewarded and can even be penalized.

Google Places Page

Google helps local merchants with a free service called Google Places (formally Google Pages). At no charge merchants may register their business, upload some text about the business, link to your website, link to a map and directions and read ratings from patrons who have visited your business. Customers will rate and review your business through Google+ Local. You can promote and link to your Google+ page on your website, and any other online marketing collateral.

Facebook Fan Page

Social media is the most contemporary marketing technique available. To participate you need to post a business page on Facebook to reach your geographic market. Provide fans and “likes” with a reason to keep coming back such as exclusive “flash sales” or fan page only specials and deal coupons only available on the fan page with a short shelf life. It’s important to promote your Facebook page on your website, and you can even run ads on Facebook to target a specific demographic or geographic location.

Having and maintaining an Internet presence is hard work, but it will definitely pay off when done correctly.

Targeting the Mommy Market For Free

If you are not marketing with moms in mind, you’re missing out on a big business boost. Several studies show that the so-called “Mommy Market” is a trillion dollar goldmine. Moms of all ages are eternally interested in shopping. If you want a piece of that trillion dollar pie, read on for several small business tips on how to tap into that market for free.

Don’t spend your dollars advertising; Your target market will advertise for itself.

Small Business Tips: Targeting the Mommy Market for FREEYou don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a marketing campaign for your wonderful product to become a household item. According to the Business News Daily, some moms actually find overt advertising to be offensive. They may decide not to buy your product just on the basis that it was advertised through an aggressive, in-your-face marketing campaign. They would rather find out about your product in a more subtle manner, and luckily for your small business, the kind of advertising that it preferred is also easier on your budget.

Use SEO on your web site to target moms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has long ago been deemed as a very effective marketing tool. The objective is to feature specific keywords in your web copy which will rank high in search engines, like Google. Moms love to research products on Google. In fact, they prefer doing that over watching television commercials. Keeping your visibility high on search engines is one of the most convenient ways to get noticed and gain traffic to your site.

Maintain a presence in social media.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are universally loved by moms. These online communities have been embraced by multiple generations: From baby boomers, to the X generation to the moms of the new millennium and beyond. Social media sites are the modern day front porches and backyard fence hangouts where moms go to give and get advice. If one mom sees a product she loves on Facebook, she’ll share it and her post will end up in the status feed of all of her mommy friends. Talk about digital word of mouth marketing!

Word of mouth marketing is not obsolete.

Getting caught up in the digital age and forgetting about the ultimate classic form of free advertising will result in a disadvantage to your small business. This is especially true if your small business caters to the local community. While everyone else maintains mostly online relationships because of busy schedules in today’s I-centric society, moms still get together socially–and they talk! Play dates, mommy and me classes, mothers’ support groups–you name it, moms go there. They talk about their kids, their spouses, and of course, they talk about shopping. Recommendations from fellow moms are sacred. If your business or product makes it onto that exclusive list of word-of-mouth favorites, you win the golden ticket.

Flyers and even physical appearances where moms might gather will enhance your small business’s word-of-mouth marketing prospects. Moms love to be educated, so educate them about a related topic and pitch your products or services to them in the process.

Moms are the ultimate “people persons”. Though the prospect of targeting such a diverse group of potential customers may be daunting, it can bring great rewards to your small business. It’s worth focusing your time and skills on targeting the “Mommy Market”, especially if you can do so for free.

How to Manage Your Reputation on Facebook

How to Manage Your Reputation on FacebookWhen it comes to branding, you can’t ignore the importance of Facebook and social media. It’s important to build relationships with other small business owners just as it is to build with customers. The more active your Facebook page is, the more networking you can benefit from. This includes when you have an upcoming trade show, event, product launch or anything else.

There are a lot of opportunities for businesses on Facebook – and this doesn’t have to cost you any money at all. You will be able to get your name out there in the community and engage with your customer base in a way that was never possible.

Here are some small business tips that you can follow when it comes to managing your reputation on your Facebook page properly.

  • Your Facebook Page

    If you don’t already have a Facebook page for your small business, create one now. Take the time to fill out the About section of your business’s Facebook page. Many businesses skip this and then miss out on telling customers about who they are and what they do. This About section should be a brief description of what your business does as well as the core values. Be sure it is written in the proper voice so that it helps with your branding. Be sure to include links back to your website and other social media accounts.

  • Stay Vigilant with Posting

    Once you get started on social media, you have to maintain it. If customers see your Facebook posts taper off, it can lead to your sales tapering off as well because you aren’t communicating as much as you need to be. You can handle the posts yourself or hire an additional employee or marketing firm to do it for you.

  • Engage Your Customers

    Don’t just make posts that are read and ignored. Ask questions about what products people like, what they would like to see and what they thought about something that just recently appeared in the news that applies to your industry. When you get more people involved in the comments field, it can make it easier for you to attract new customers and stay on the minds of those you already have. When a customer interacts with your Facebook page, that activity can then be seen in the News Feed of their friends, and the cycle continues.

  • Maintain Your Business Page

    If a customer leaves a complaint on your Facebook page, you have to be sure that you comment back. Try to resolve the entire problem via the comments section. This will show other customers that you are committed to making everything right. If you ignore the comment or don’t post a response, it can send the wrong message to other customers. If it’s a complaint that you’d rather not resolve in a public manner, then politely reply to the customer that you would like the resolve the situation, and ask that they contact you directly via email or by phone.

Facebook is a great tool for you to manage your reputation. Best of all, it’s a free tool that you are able to use in order to leverage more customers and more appeal within the community.

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