PowerSite of the Week: Xtreme Wireless

Drum roll please … The newest PowerSite of the Week belongs to: Xtreme Wireless in Pacoima, Ca!

As mobile phones, especially smart phones, become more common with every passing day, stores like Xtreme Wireless are well situated for success. In order to set itself apart from an increasingly crowded marketplace of cell phone stores, Xtreme Wireless made the wise decision to start a PowerSite.

Xtreme Wireless

Xtreme Wireless is one of the best cell phone stores around.

And what a PowerSite they started. They masterfully promoted their brand awareness by placing their snazzy logo in the top banner and made it easy for potential customers to contact them by putting their phone number in large text right below.

Xtreme Wireless also does an effective job of alerting potential customers to a pair of great offers they are running. Next to their phone number, they have notices for a free accessory with new activation and a $19.99 Bluetooth with new activation.

Farther down the page, you find the Xtreme Wireless bio and a handy google map app that shows you the location of the store.

There are also sub-sections for their great coupons, a slick video, a photo gallery and feedback. They are even bilingual, so don’t hesitate to tell your Spanish-speaking friends about Xtreme Wireless.

What are you waiting for, visit our PowerSite of the Week, Xtreme Wireless, today!